edra – maximum comfort, elegance and durability

Edra was founded in Perignano, Tuscany, in 1987, and is now world famous for the exceptional quality of its products. Artisanal tradition, technological research, high-quality materials, and master craftsmanship are combined in perfect harmony. Sofas, chairs, and all the other pieces in the collection are designed and built with precision that makes them unique.

Visit our showroom and experience the "Standard", the "Grande Soffice" and the
other unique pieces. You’ll be inspired by the supreme comfort and timeless
elegance of edra.

Standard - edra's pioneering classic

A sofa that allows maximum comfort in any position. The "Standard" was designed by Francesco Binfaré for edra. Years of technological research provides a piece that completely adapts to the preferences of the individual. Shapes and depths of the various elements can be combined as desired. 



Pictures of beautiful things appeal to us. But how a piece of furniture or a material feels, or whether the finish or the colour excites you, can be experienced only in our renowned showroom.

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