Less requires more

Looking outside now, we spend more time indoors

When the days grow colder and darker, we like it warm and bright. The sofa and armchair become favourite places to nestle in with cuddly cushions and plaids. The right light makes reading even more enjoyable. Comfortably seated around a table, we enjoy being together, and forget the time. On foggy or overcast Sundays we dream of summertime, wrapped in richly coloured blankets. 

These days, we are returning from the outdoors to the indoors – and not only because of the dampness of autumn or the winter chill. We are living and working more often at home for reasons of safety. Home schooling and the home office have challenged us to suddenly adapt our living space to extraordinary circumstances. Will the changes you've made today meet the requirements of tomorrow? Maybe you are missing the benefits of an ergonomic office chair when you work at your computer or after your digital meetings. Or perhaps you are wondering whether a larger dining table could stimulate your children's appetite also for doing their homework. 

You know what and where you want or need to change in your living space. We will be happy to show you how we can plan and realise your vision together.


Pictures of beautiful things appeal to us. But how a piece of furniture or a material feels, or whether the finish or the colour excites you, can be experienced only in our renowned showroom.

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