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Cassina – classic and modern

Cassina is a pioneer of Italian industrial design. The brand stands for innovative and classic furniture creations and stands out with a variety of styles and designs.

Four furniture collections

Cassina has collections dedicated to each of the four most distinctive movements of furniture design. The "I Maestri" collection brings together works by the most influential designers of the 20th century. A separate collection is dedicated to the star architect Le Corbusier. Le Corbusier was also a gifted furniture designer – the exclusive "LC Collection" shows his unmistakable signature. Contemporary and experimental approaches are expressed in the designer furniture in the collections "I Contemporanei" and "Simon".

Classic design and high-quality selection

High-quality Cassina designer sofas typically feature soft leather and butt leather upholstery. The colours and textures are carefully selected. Cassina's upholstered furniture is characterised by doubled seams and exclusive designs. Armchairs and chaise longues feature delightful, warm and long-lasting covers and forms. Extendable recliners or ingeniously simple chairs, angular or sweeping lines – Cassina covers a very broad range of tastes and wishes. The premium Italian brand relies mainly on wood or aluminium for the frames of its chairs and stools. Marble, solid wood, and pure crystal glass are the preferred materials for Cassina’s tables and coffee tables. Here too, the different collections show their unique characteristics. Elegance, harmony, and clear order characterise the cabinetry, sideboards, and shelves.

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